"Executive Cuisine is your solution for corporate catering"

Cost Savings: Almost 55% o 65% of the total operative cost is saved. Substantial savings will be on administrative charges, employee benefits/welfare expenses, contribution to Provident Funds and others.

Presentation: Our Chef's extensive background in a broad range of food styles and his artistic ability to make every food presentation and exquisite masterpiece.

Quality control: We never compromise in quality. A separate team for quality control checks the quality of the finished food & other perishable items

Hygiene and HealthCare: Optimum calorie levels of food required for the employees are provided. We also impart knowledge about the effect of excessive intake of high protein or fat in food.

Affordability: Provide us with your budget and we will provide you with the greatest value of food and service. Our experience , creativity and flexibility allow us to maximize your money with our food and service to meet your budget goals.

Customer Service: We are passionate in what we love to do and are committed to high standards in exceeding our customer's expectations. At Executive Cuisine, We believe great service and great food go hand and hand.